23 Unique Baby Names For Males and Females

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Picking out a name for your new baby can be such an exciting time. It can also be stressful.

The last name you wanna pick is one that is shared with your old high school bully! No way!

There are so many possibilities out there and you don’t want some run of the mill, generic baby name. But on the other hand you probably want a name that’s not too far out there, we get you, so today we’re gonna talk about some of the most unique baby names of 2020. Have you ever heard the name Esme?

What about Edwidge? Have you ever heard of the name Lyra before? We’re gonna give you

some of our favourites right off the top, but we’re also gonna save some of the best

names for last, so stick around!

#1 ESME –

We think this one is best suited for a little girl, but of course you could

always assign these names to whatever gender you think works best. Esme actually comes

from the world of literature, and has two origins. Most folks will probably recognize

it from the hugely popular Twilight series. Others may remember it from the author J.

  1. Salinger. He wrote a short story back in 1950 called “For Esme – With Love and Squalor”

and we think it is very chic. Who doesn’t want a name from a cool story written long



Our first instinct is to use this one for a boy, but again the fun part

is it’s YOUR baby! You get to make the rules. Edwidge is another take on the name Hedwig.

Hedwig is also the name of Harry Potter’s adorable owl. Edwidge is said to come from

a french background. Edwidge is also the name of popular author Edwidge Danticat and means


Do you love your name? Or do you wish your parents named you something else? Comment

below, and let us know!

#3 PIM –

How adorable is this name? One of our favourites on this list, for sure. This

name comes from the Dutch nickname for William. If you’ve been to the Netherlands you’ll

likely run into a few Pims, but here in the US? Not likely. This could be another great

tribute to any Bill’s or Williams in your family without giving the exact same name.

It’s also another great unisex option.

#4 SULA –

This is definitely one of the more unique names on our list! Sula is a fun, beautiful

name that has been featured in Toni Morrison’s novel “Sula”, who showcases as a strong

female lead. We think this name is very interesting and would be a perfect, original name for

your baby.


This name is of English origin, and is said to mean “From the Brushwood

Field” or “meadow of quivering aspens”. This could easily be a unisex name or a less

gendered name if that’s something you want to consider.


This one is a beautiful name of Greek origin and means immortal, or immortal

one. Who doesn’t want to be immortal! We think this is another name for either a boy

or a girl. This name brings with it a feeling of intellect and class.


The classic novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee comes to mind

here. Atticus is also of greek origin and is said to mean “Of Atticus”. This name

brings with it a feeling of strength and boldness. You’re also paying tribute to the greek

politician Herodes Atticus.


Beckett was originally an English Surname, that means “Dweller By The Brook”.

This is also the surname of a very popular author Samuel Beckett who’s known for many

great pieces of literature. A great name for a family of bookworms.


Does Dorian Gray ring any bells? This name is used in Oscar Wilde’s classic

and infamous book “The Picture Of Dorian Gray”. The name also stems from Greek origin

and is said to mean “From the Sea”. So if you live close to the ocean or have ties

to the sea this might be a great one for you.

#10 ELWYN –

All you DnD and lord of the rings fans will LOVE this one. Elwyn is an English

name that’s said to mean Elf-friend. This is a great unisex, interesting name. As for

the history of this name it’s actually the name of the acclaimed author E. B. White who

wrote classics like “Charlotte’s Web” and “Stuart Little” . Pretty great name

sake if you ask us.

#11 HENRIK –

Like henry, but make it snazzy! Henrik is a very cool and unique twist on

the classic name Henry. This one is very unique and would be a great way to honor someone

in your family who has the name Henry without giving them the exact same name. If you want

to dive into the history of this name, it’s actually not very modern at all. It was supposedly

the name of a 19th century Norwegian playwright and poet Henrik Ibsen. Henrik is said to mean

“ruler of the home”. A very creative and interesting name.

# 12 INDIGO –

This is another name of Greek origin. It’s also one that works great for

either a little boy or a girl. Indigo is not only a beautiful colour it’s said to mean

“Indian Dye”. So if you’re an artist or painter, or work with clothing and dyes,

this one might be the perfect name for your baby!

#13 SUN –

Is there anything better than the sun? It gives us life, light and warmth. That’s

a pretty perfect definition of a new baby. The name comes from Korea and can mean either

goodness or obedient. We prefer goodness, but either way is a beautiful name! If you

have koren roots this one might be great for you to consider. Plus if you have a SON named

SUN that would be super cute.

#14 LYRA –

This one sort of reminds me of the name lyric, although less “on the nose”.

There’s something musical sounding about this name and we think it’s a beautiful

one. Originally this name is said to be taken from the Lyre of Orpheus, but it’s also

a popular name in books. A name that truly inspires adventure and imagination.

#15 BLYTHE –

This one may sound old school but that’s what makes it so darn cute. We

think this one is best suited for a little girl. Wait until you hear what it stands for,

“happy” and “carefree”! A happy and carefree baby sounds like the perfect baby.

#16 CORMAC –

If you’re Irish then you’ll likely be familiar with this one. Cormac is

a popular Irish name, and is the name of Cormac’s Chapel, that’s used a lot in Ireland today

and is said to mean “Destroying Son”. The cute nickname of Cormac is Mac. This one

is usually given to boys.

#17 FLEUR –

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Yes, Fleur means flower in

French and is a beautiful, delicate name for a little girl. This name is popular in Holland

and is used in the Harry Potter book series. A popular nickname for this one is fleurette

which is so adorable.

#18 PILAR –

OK, so this name does actually mean pillar which is kind of cool. Strength,

stability and rooted are just some ideas that come to mind when you think of a pillar. Originally

of Spanish origin the name associates itself with strength, which we think is awesome for

a little girl. Girls are strong in many ways, so having a name that reflects that is awesome.


One of the more melodic and flowing names on this list, Serafina comes

from the latin word Seraphim or Angel. While this one is growing in popularity we still

think it’s worth a mention on our list of unique and super cute names.

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Now back to our list of 23 unique baby names of 2020

#20 ZURI –

This is a very unique name here in the US. It’s of Swahili origin and translates

to “beautiful” which is an adorable name for a little girl. If you have any family

ties to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda or Tanzania this would be a great option for you to honour

your heritage.

#21 LUNA –

If you’re italian you might be interested in this name that comes from an

italian background. Luna, as you might’ve guessed, means the moon and it’s a beautiful

name for any little girl. It’s mysterious and graceful, and works especially well if

you had your baby during the night. Some people also switch it up a little bit and add an

H on the end with lunah.

#22 ISOLDE –

You may recognize this name from Wagner’s opera Tristan und Isolde. It comes

from both Celtic and German backgrounds and can either mean Fair one if you’re going

with the Celtic origin, or the German meaning of Ice Ruler or One Who Rules The Ice, which

is pretty cool if you ask us. Especially if your baby was born in the winter time. Usually

this name is used for a little girl.

#23 NUNO –

How cute is his one?! This name isn’t very popular in the US unless you

have any portguese family members. If you happen to have portguese in your family this

is a great name to consider. Famous musicians and athletes alike share this one. Traditionally

this name is given to a boy.

What is your favorite name on this list? Is your name on this list? Let us know in the

comments section below, we’d love to hear from you!


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