7 Behavior Indicators That You’re Emotionally Numb

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“Don’t be a cry baby” “Oh come on, where’s your thick skin”

“Get over it” “You are oversensitive”

Have you been hearing these things frequently?

They may appear innocent, but can really be damaging.

Being shamed for showing your emotions can lead you to suppress them.

In today’s video, we will be discussing signs that you are developing emotional numbness.

Do you feel like you’re constantly on autopilot mode?

Are you a silent observer?

Do you feel as if you are empty inside?

We will be talking all of this AND more…

You feel like life is a dream

Nope, I am not talking about a dream where you’re reaching goal after goal.

If you’re from a culture that stresses hiding emotions, it is likely you struggle with some

form of emotional numbness.

Several people also develop numbness after going through an extremely traumatic life


When emotions get way too overwhelming for a person to handle, they develop negative

coping strategies and one of them is emotional numbness.

It’s your mind applying a defense strategy to save you from trauma.

Your brain makes you go emotionally numb so that you don’t experience overwhelming intense

emotions like grief, fear and hatred.

You become disconnected from your feelings to the point that you start mistaking life

for a strange dream.

In other words, you go about living in a false reality.

Does your cultural background keep you from expressing emotion?

What are your thoughts on being able to express your feelings?

You live on autopilot

Emotional numbness is just like being empty.

You feel nothing from the inside.

You will be living life as if you switched your plane to autopilot.

Going about your work, daily chores and personal needs will be nothing to you.

You will be doing everything like a robot, with zero extra thought applied whatsoever.

You may ask, what’s wrong with living your life on autopilot?

Isn’t it good to not stress over daily tasks?

No stress?

No grief?

No frustration?

What’s the big deal?

Living without emotions is a terrible way to live.

It hurts your health and the people around you.

If there’s the slightest inkling you might be getting emotionally numb, get help from

a licensed therapist or mental health practitioner.

Emotional numbness isn’t some character flaw that you can ignore.

It is a serious problem needing immediate attention.

Emotional numbness will cause several serious physical, mental, and emotional issues.

You will develop dysfunctional behaviors like obsessive compulsions as well as fatigue,

confusion and irritability.

Many people develop chronic illnesses, addictions and depression.

You may also break contact off from the world.

This means not talking to friends and loved ones.

You are a passive observer

Taking in your surroundings is a much different experience if you’re emotionally numb.

You struggle with emotions.

You will not feel things that people around you are feeling.

Your sibling would be super happy about getting all ‘A’ grades, while you might wonder

what all the fuss is about.

You got straight ‘A’s, but you don’t feel the need to be happy.

Due to this, you will be more of a passive observer.

This is something called “depersonalization”.

Things don’t feel real.

You are detached from your inner emotions.

You are disconnected, as if you are an outside observer of your own life.

People with emotional numbness also feel like they have lost control over their thoughts

and actions.

If this surreal feeling continues, you are struggling with emotional numbness.

You don’t like it when others express emotions

There are several reasons why one develops emotional numbness.

Maybe it stems from family trauma.

If you were abused emotionally or physically, you probably find it difficult to gather your


Children who were alienated from their family at large can develop emotional numbness.

They are too young to experience an overwhelming sense of grief and exposure to it makes them


Severely traumatic experiences like intense loss, assault and violence will also lessen

our emotions.

But besides that, there is another big reason for your emotional emptiness…

Social and cultural impact.

Several cultures look down upon people who freely show emotion.

In fact, it can be parents and teachers who make a child think that showing emotions is

a sign of weakness.

These children grow into adults who hate visible displays of emotion.

For the same reason, anyone expressing emotion in the presence of a numb person can make

them uncomfortable.

If you don’t think you have this trait, take not of how you feel the next time your

friends are visibly happy or sad.

Do you dislike it?

If yes, look for other signs.

You may have a problem.

You cannot express strong emotion

Emotional numbness is a secret illness.

It is almost socially acceptable not to express strong emotions in front of people.

In fact, several cultures and social circles encourage this behavior.

This is especially true if the emotion is negative.

Being “level headed” is appreciated, while someone who cries easily or shows happiness

instantly is considered too sensitive.

Do you know how this affects us?

It encourages us not to be emotional.

This is what leads numb people to keep away from showing their feelings.

Do you find it difficult or impossible to express strong emotions?

If yes, you need to delve deeper into what’s preventing this from happening.

Have you considered underlying conditions like bipolar disorder, depression or PTSD.

Inability to form close bonds

This one is relatively easy to spot.

Ask yourself this question…

Do you have close bonds with any of your friends or family members?

Can you easily form them with people you like?

Is the answer no?

Well then chances are you’re experiencing emotional numbness.

You see, to form close bonds, you have to express how much you appreciate the other


How much you care for their well-being.

You need to be happy for them when something good happens, and console when they are sad.

This one’s even more important… share your feelings!

It is through shared feelings that we form the closest bonds.

Emotionally numb people cannot do any of this because they don’t feel things like normal


This is why they find it difficult to have romantic partners and close friends.

They also have trouble staying in touch with family members.

The inability to form close bonds can also be a sign of a personality disorder.

These people are often cold, distant and overly suspicious of people and their surroundings.

Some have an intense fear of intimacy, which makes it even harder to maintain relationships.

People with skewed perceptions or communication skills also find it difficult to form close


But there is one thing that separates all of them from people who are emotionally numb.

At the end of the day, emotional numbness comes from the distrust and overall paranoia

of people due to past trauma.

Sometimes, they even sabotage their relationships in order to avoid being hurt in the future.

They are cold and distant because they don’t know any other way to act.

You only have physical sensations

It can be difficult to explain to an emotionally numb person what emotions feel like.

And the reverse is true as well.

Emotional numbness is difficult to explain.

Some describe it as complete hopelessness.

Several people who struggle with this feel like ghosts.

They see their family members interact and engage with each other.

But for them, it feels like there is an invisible barrier preventing them from taking part in

the bonding process.

One of the most common signs is experiencing a physical emptiness in your guts.

It is like you get a knot in your stomach.

It isn’t just your mind experiencing feelings.

Your body does too.

And while your mind can shut off to emotions, your physical body won’t.

This is why you have physical sensations rather than emotional feelings.

Have you experienced any of these signs personally?

Do you think you know someone who might be emotionally numb?

Let us know in the comments below.

We would love to hear from you!


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