Get Crystal White Teeth With These 13 Foods

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Have you been watching your junk food intake?

It seems like just yesterday you came home from the dentist with fresh, pearly whites!

Now they look like something out of a horror movie.

It doesn’t take long for your teeth to decay.

All you really need to do is stop brushing and let the junk food take over.

But don’t be afraid!

Certain foods will have your teeth looking good as new!

Let’s discuss 13 Foods To Eat If You Want Beautiful White Teeth.

Do you eat oranges?

How about pineapples?

How much milk do you drink each day?

Wait, baking soda?

We’re talking all that AND more…

Baking Soda

That’s right.

This simple cooking ingredient will have your teeth looking a little too good.

A study from 2008 showed that toothpaste containing baking soda did a much better job removing

plaque than the toothpaste that didn’t.They can also work against liquid stains like red wine and coffee.

So do you have some baking soda lying around your kitchen?

It’s suggested that you mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to make a paste.

Following basic instructions, do this very carefully.

Try using it on your teeth and give it that fresh shine you deserve!

How long have you gone without brushing your teeth?

1 day?

Maybe 2?

What ended up happening?

Sound off in the comments and start a conversation with our community!


I know, you’re probably not psyched about this one.

But just hear me out…

Broccoli carries a ton of fiber.

A single cup of chopped broccoli has 8% of your daily recommended intake.

Eating a lot of fiber will reduce inflammation in your mouth.

When you consume broccoli, its fiber content will polish your teeth.

It does this with the help of iron, another nutrient broccoli has a healthy amount of.

Are you familiar with tooth enamel?

This is the outer layer of your teeth that is meant to protect them from decay.

But even your enamel needs protection.

The iron from broccoli does exactly that, stopping bacteria from eating away at your enamel.

So the next time you see that piece of broccoli stuck in your teeth, just think how much it’s

benefiting your smile…


Because of their sugar content, you might think raisins are bad for your teeth.

This is not the case.

Actually, it’s more like the opposite.

Raisins help to clean your teeth.

Bran cereals with raisin mixed in show much better results cleaning your mouth than brands

without raisins.

Raisins stimulate the saliva in your mouth.

Calcium, along with other particles in saliva, takes away plaque and repairs tooth decay.

If left alone, plaque will eat away at your enamel and leave your teeth weak and decayed.

Remember when your grandfather would eat raisins?

Well those raisins helped clean his teeth.

It was the beer that ended up ruining them…


Dairy products like cheese and yogurt are good for cleaning your teeth.

If you drink more milk, chances are your teeth will look whiter.

Milk contains lactic acid.

Acid in milk?

Remind me to stay away from dairy.

No, this is a good kind.

Lactic acid will protect you against tooth decay.

Studies have shown that little kids who eat yogurt four times a week had way less tooth

decay than kids who go without it.

Experts suggest that the protein in these dairy products fight harmful acids and keep

your teeth from rotting.

If you’re cutting dairy out of your diet, I’m sure you have good reason to.

But if you can, try drinking some milk and give your teeth a break.


Who doesn’t love a good orange once in a while?

While oranges probably don’t make you salivate on sight, eating them does boost your saliva


This will scare off plaque from collecting on your teeth.

It’s even believed that rubbing orange peels against your teeth will help whiten them.

This is thanks to the d-limonene and citrus acid found in the fruit.

A study from 2010 showed that toothpaste containing just 5% d-limonene could remove stains from your teeth.

Get those oranges going for a healthy, presentable smile.


Looking for something different?

Pineapple can have a similar effect on your teeth to oranges.

Ever heard of bromelain?

This is an enzyme found in pineapple plants.

It helps reduce inflammation and swelling in your mouth, on top of a few other things.

When you eat pineapple, the bromelain is activated, removing stains from your teeth and helping

them look more presentable.

It burns off plaque and kills dangerous bacteria in your mouth.

So if you’re at the grocery store, buy some pineapple and eat a serving.


Speaking of sweet fruits, when was the last time you ate a big bowl of strawberries?

Better yet, have you been strawberry picking lately?

I’m asking because strawberry does a lot of good for your pearly whites.

You see, strawberries contain something called malic acid.

This is the compound that contributes to the sour taste of fruit.

When you bite into a strawberry, the malic acid will burn away the stains.

Now back to our discussion on 13 Foods To Eat If You Want Beautiful, White Teeth.


Much like broccoli, carrots contain quite a bit of fiber.

A single cup of chopped carrots holds close to 4 grams.

That’s almost 15% of your suggested intake for the day.

If you chop up some raw carrots into a bowl and eat them, the fiber will get your saliva

going . If you’re not into vegetables, munching on carrots can be a drag.

But if you care about the health of your smile, get over your dislike and have a few.


If you are planning to eat healthy, almonds are another ‘must’ when grocery shopping.

Talk about a boost in nutrients.

Not just for your teeth, but your entire body.

Almonds contain both calcium and protein, which come in handy when keeping your gums strong.

Healthier gums mean healthier teeth.

An ounce of almonds carries 6 whole grams of protein.

You also have about 70 mg of calcium in that serving.

Oh, and did I mention that almonds are low calorie?

When in need of a quick snack, just 20 almonds cost you 140 calories.

That’s one pretty easy-going meal if you ask me.


No, not another boring vegetable!

I get it, celery doesn’t seem like it has a whole lot to offer.

Well just listen here…

Not only is celery another low calorie veggie, they have a decent amount of Vitamin A and when consumed, these vitamins get into fight mode, battling bacteria and preventing your teeth from rotting.

It will also remove other harmful particles, only encouraging you to smile more.

You see?

Celery isn’t just a boring, useless vegetable.

Eating a serving every now and again can have lasting benefits on your smile.


We’re just naming everything from your grandmother’s kitchen, aren’t we?

I don’t mean to bring back bad memories, but we need to talk about

This veggie is another unexpected ally to your teeth.

Just a cup of cauliflower holds almost 10% of your daily fiber intake.

Not to mention half of your daily Vitamin C. It’s safe to say your teeth are in good

hands when you eat cauliflower.

Another thing to remember is that cauliflower is hard to chew.

You can’t just swallow it in a single gulp.

Because this veggie takes longer to digest, you will produce more saliva.

This will remove more plaque.


You’ve had them on your pizza.

You can cook them with plenty of other meals too.

Mushrooms, particularly shiitake mushrooms, are great choices for cleaning your teeth.

They contain a type of sugar known as lentinan.

Now how can sugar clean my teeth?

Well this one’s a little different.

Lentinan curbs tooth decay by preventing plaque from building up.

These mushrooms also satisfy your fiber needs.

Half a cup of shiitake holds 7% of your daily supply.

So if you’re browsing the aisles at your local supermarket, grab a container of mushrooms.

They go great with bean and pasta dishes, as well as many others.


You knew this one was coming.

You remember that saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”?

Well, that doctor in question is the dentist!

Apples are among the most famous natural plaque removers.

What’s even better is that apples are among the most readily available fruits out there.You

don’t have to drive around looking for a fruit vendor on the side of the road.

There at all your local grocery stores.

Eating an apple brings you one step closer to that beautiful, fresh looking smile.

Are you taking care of your teeth?

Would you consider eating any of these foods after reading this article?

Let us know in the comments below.

We would love to hear from you!


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