Make Your Skin Look Much Younger With These 13 Foods

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Life is a constant fight to remain young.

It’s like everywhere you go people are playing video games and obsessing over superheroes.

But what about looking young?

There are plenty of things you can do to maintain a youthful appearance.

Let’s talk about 13 Foods That Make Your Skin Look Younger.

Is olive oil a good choice?

What about fish?

You might want to increase your tomato intake after this.

Wait a second, spice?

We’re talking all that AND more…


Yes, I said it.

Too much spice can have a lot of harmful effects on your insides.

But when it comes to your skin, this ingredient can actually be helpful.

Certain compounds in spice help your skin look younger.

Let’s talk about collagen for a second.

Collagen is a protein that helps maintain the strength of your body.

Not only does it strengthen your bones, tendons and ligaments, it also helps the skin.

Turmeric and ginger are two examples of spices that increase collagen production.

They are known to help heal wounds and fight inflammation.

Research has shown that cinnamon has a particular influence on collagen.

It can increase your skin’s firmness and elasticity.

This will have you feeling 25 again.

So if you have any spice laying around the kitchen, you may want to add that to your next recipe.

Do you have a funny story about a time you ate too much spice?

Did things get a little out of hand?

Sound off in the comment section and start a conversation with our community.


You probably have tomatoes every now and then.

For some people, they’re necessary for meals.

Don’t be surprised if these people look a lot healthier.

Tomatoes do a lot of good in the skin department.

Are you familiar with lycopene?

This is a nutrient found in things like tomato and watermelon.

It provides these foods with their signature red pigment.

When it comes to your health, lycopene serves as an antioxidant that protects you from heart

disease and cancer.

It can also reduce skin damage from sunlight.

So cut up a few slices and throw some on your sandwich.


Whether it’s cashew or macadamia, nuts have great anti-aging benefits.

These include lowering cholesterol and reducing inflammation.

They give you a much younger and more glowing appearance.

Experts suggest you eat one to two servings of nuts each day.

Not only will you see these anti-aging properties, you will also get a healthy dose of protein.

The best part is that nuts are readily available.

You can buy them at grocery stores, even gas stations.

Just try and get one that is less salted.


Who ever thought this super-sweet fruit would actually be good for the skin?

As it turns out, the manganese in pineapple triggers enzymes that work to boost collagen production.

This will increase the elasticity in the skin, and contribute to a healthier, younger look.

Aim for eating a serving of pineapple each day.

Dark Chocolate

Now this one is not so sweet, but it’s really good for your skin.

You often hear about the health benefits of dark chocolate.

Well those health benefits are indeed accurate.

When it comes to antioxidants, dark chocolate has few rivals.

On top of other things, studies have shown that a regular diet of dark chocolate improves the elasticity of your skin.

It also has antioxidants called flavanols, which protect you from sun damage.

Research has suggested that eating high-flavanol dark chocolate could double the amount of

time you could spend in the sun before turning red.

The next time you’re walking up and down the candy aisle at the grocery store, skip the

milk chocolate and go straight for the dark brands.

Green Tea

Have you jumped on this bandwagon yet?

Green tea is easily one of the more popular health drinks out there.

And guess what?

It has amazing benefits for your skin.

The antioxidants in green tea battle against free radicals.

These are molecules that form in your body due to stress.

When antioxidants are activated, they prevent the free radicals from causing damage.

These antioxidants include polyphenols, which green tea has plenty of.

The polyphenols strengthen collagen and help it in its fight to protect the skin.

A study from 2005 focused on women whos skin had been damaged by the sun.

Those who used cream with green tea supplements on their skin had better elasticity over time.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It’s not just an essential cooking supply.

Extra virgin olive oil can help in the battle against aging.

Not only does it lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of cancer, it can also make

your skin look much fresher.

Research has confirmed that more virgin olive oil in your diet provides anti-inflammatory compounds.

These will protect your skin from severe sun damage.

The unsaturated fats in olive oil can increase the firmness of your skin, giving your face a much more youthful glow.


A regular diet of fatty fish can have you looking like you did at 29.

You have the omega-3’s to thank for that.

Omega-3’s are fatty acids that work wonders on your health.

Anti-aging benefits include lower blood pressure, reduced plaque in the arteries and less risk

of heart attacks or strokes.

But omega-3’s can also scare off inflammation.

Which– You guessed it– protects you from the sun.

This way, your adventures to the beach will be a lot less painful.

One of the best examples of skin-protecting fish is salmon.

It may taste a little unpleasant, but boy does it pack a punch against aging.

Salmon carries a specific antioxidant known as astaxanthin.

Research shows that a mixture of astaxanthin and collagen will hydrate your skin and keep it firm.

Now that’s what I call a lucky catch!


Blueberries are an anti-aging weapon.

They carry more antioxidants than most fruits.

Not only can they help you keep your hairline in place, they make your skin look a whole lot younger.

You’ll look like you just graduated high school.

Have you been stressed lately?

Well there’s some good news.

When you eat blueberries, their compounds put on the gloves and go into boxing mode against free-radicals.

The vitamin C in these fruits will also boost your collagen, helping your skin avoid wrinkles.


Much like tomatoes, the lycopene in watermelon will reduce skin damage inflicted by the sun.

This allows you to spend more beautiful summer days at the park…

Where you’ll probably be eating watermelon.

If you didn’t know by now, spending too much time in the sun will make your skin look

rough, burnt and eventually more wrinkled.

That is if you’re not using the proper protection.

Another great thing about watermelon is that it’s around 90% water.

So not only are you protecting your skin from sun rays, you’re also keeping hydrated.


We’re just rolling through all the delicious fruits!

If you can’t find any watermelon at the grocery store, don’t worry.

There are probably plenty of oranges you can get instead.

One whole regular-sized orange contains almost 70 mg of Vitamin C. That’s almost 80% of

your recommended daily intake.

Vitamin C will strengthen your immune system, boosting collagen supply.

A daily dose of orange will definitely have your skin looking fresh.


This pick certainly isn’t as tasty, but it still needs to be mentioned.

Carrots are great for the skin!

They contain a lot of Vitamin A, which instead of boosting the production of collagen, repairs

the collagen that’s been damaged.

A cup of chopped carrots contains almost 120% of your daily Vitamin A intake.

If you were to have one full serving of carrots each day, your collagen would be in a good

enough condition to fight off skin damage.

Your cells will be allowed to regenerate.

So after you’ve bagged up your oranges, head over to the veggie section of the store

and snatch some fresh carrots.


I know, you’re probably thinking I’m a bad guy for bringing this one up.

But spinach is just so good for your body.

On top of a billion other great benefits, spinach will have you looking like a baby faced child.

Not only will you look young, you’ll feel it.

Yes, spinach has the usual stuff that protects you from the fiery ball in the sky.

But it also carries two special nutrients.

These are lutein and beta-carotene.

When you eat spinach, you are loading up on these nutrients, which work with the skin

to improve its elasticity.

So if you’re thinking twice about spinach, mix a little bit of it in your salad tonight.

Your skin will definitely thank you.

See, there’s a reason your grandparents always told you to eat this stuff.

Do you want to look younger?

Would you consider trying any of these foods after reading this article?

Let us know in the comments below.

We would love to hear from you!


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