These 9 Behaviors Will Help You With Anti-Aging After 40

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Today we’re gonna discuss some great ways to slow down the clock and keep you looking

and feeling your best, even after 40!

We’re not just talking about the skin, or about exercising all the time!

We’re talking about keeping your whole body healthy, inside AND out!

Do I really have to exercise everyday?

Are my friends important in all this?

There’s a way to smell younger?

Stick around because we’re gonna answer all these questions and more.


We’re serious…there’s a way to smell

younger and you don’t have to douse yourself with baby lotion, either.

Our sense of smell is a powerful one.

They say it’s the one most strongly tied to memory and can transport us in a second.

You know the smell of your mom’s laundry detergent or how certain flowers remind you

of someone’s place.

Well, why not use that sense of smell for good!

According to one study in 2011, grapefruit smelling stuff can make you seem at least

5 years younger than you actually are.

To be fair, certain people who were taking part in the study could’ve had some pre-existing

love of grapefruit smells, but even if that’s the case, 5 years younger is still pretty


This one works for any age, but we think hanging around in our early 40’s or late 30’s

for a few extra years is ideal.

Do you have a favourite smell?

Tell us quickly in the comments section below


Ok, we know, starting something new is terrifying

at any age but it’s important to keep the wonder in our lives, especially the older

we get.

It’s good for the brain and mental health to always keep learning, while you’re growing

and what better way to learn than to throw yourself into that improv class, or new hiking


In fact, studies prove that those who partake in fun new activities, social events and basically

fun adventures are happier overall, are less likely to become depressed and possibly live


Now that sounds like a good enough reason to call those new friends and invite them

for a weekend away.


Act your age, not your shoe size!

Have you ever heard that one before?

While we don’t think you should act your shoe size, we do think that acting younger

can really have an effect on how old you “feel”.

Who says you can’t go to concerts anymore?

Wanna catch a midnight movie once in a while?

Do it!

There’s no rules about acting a certain age as long as you take care of your responsibilities,

you know…kids, work, bills, that stuff, then we say make yourself a priority and do

the things you’ve always loved once in a while and we’re sure you’ll start to feel

all the more younger at heart.


We sort of touched on this one in the last

point, but it turns out that this is very important if you wanna live a long, healthy

life and stay young as long as possible.

Studies show that having friends can help you live longer.

Not just that but strong friendships can affect your health in a positive way.

In one 2016 study participants reported lower cholesterol and blood pressure if they had

some strong friend connections.

Not just that but those who kept their friendships alive and well had a lower obesity rate, too.


This one may seem a bit…odd.

But it’s true, the well being of your mouth is super important.

Our teeth take a lot of damage and if you want them to last as long as possible you

gotta treat them with care which means a proper oral routine (that includes flossing).

Gum disease has been linked with bacterial pneumonia, heart disease and stroke.

Not only that but your dentist might be your new best friend.

It’s said that dentists can usually spot the first signs of infection, cancer and even

illnesses like diabetes.


Seriously, it’s time to stop smoking.

By now it’s a pretty hard habit to kick, but there are many resources out there that

can help and the sooner you kick this bad habit, the more time you’ll give your body

to recover.

You’ll notice a difference in all aspects of your life once you quit, you’ll look

younger, feel better and be more youthful overall.


This comes with a cavat, but it’s true you

can drink…some.

If you’re going to indulge red wine is your best bet!

A study in 2018 came to the conclusion that drinking red wine can actually help to slow

down the aging process of your brain!

It’s all thanks to an antioxidant called resveratrol.

Plus there are other antioxidants in there too that can help to give you a youthful glow!


So yes, go ahead and have that glass of wine

after dinner, but you should limit yourself to one or two.

When it comes to booze like whisky or beer you might want to limit yourself even more.

You’re not getting much in the way of nutrition and countless studies indicate that drinking

too much can make you look and feel way older than you actually are.

Especially in our 40’s.

We’re sure you’ve had a hangover by now, if that doesn’t feel like fast forwarding

the aging process I dunno what does.

Heavy drinking can eventually lead to diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, memory loss,

high blood pressure, ulcers, liver damage..the list goes on.


Your life is probably super busy, we get that,

so we understand how eating breakfast probably isn’t at the top of your list right now.

But maybe it should be?

Studies show that keeping up with a healthy breakfast can help you control food cravings

throughout the day, so you’re more likely to make healthier choices and keep your weight

at the proper level.

The less processed foods, sugar and salt you pump into your body the better off you’ll

be in the long run.

Not allowing yourself to get ravenous during the day can be the main thing keeping you

on the right nutritional track…that and our next point.

Over 40?

KEEP MOVING Reached 40?

Think you’re already past your prime?

Uhh, NO WAY!

40 is the new 30 and we want you to feel that way inside and out!

Now that you’re reaching your older adult life it’s more important now than ever to

keep moving!

Your life is probably the most busy it’ll ever be, and that makes finding the time to

work out difficult but it’s also one of the most important times to stay on top of a regular workout routine will not only keep your weight in check, but it’ll help with

your blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes which are all later in life diseases

that tend to pop up.

It can be something like swimming, walking, running, biking and yoga.

All of these things are easy and fun to do and will improve your longevity.


When you’re happy your stress levels are

manageable, and you’re more likely to age the way you want to – happily and easily.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your mental health is okay, these are:

Spending time with friends, we already touched on this so you get the idea

Do things you enjoy and that challenge you.

Giving yourself a sense of purpose is key to a happy life.

Don’t let the number get your down.

Age is just a number but accepting that number will do you a world of good according to researchers.

Allowing yourself to age and being present in that moment can help you recover faster,

live longer and maintain an overall positive mood throughout your life.


Yes, this one covers all the bases when we

talk anti-aging.

Make your skin look good, can give you mental clarity, will allow your body to heal properly,

and just makes you feel good.

It’s important to get about 8 hours of sleep a night, without it you can put yourself at

risk for depression, irritability, memory loss, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

All things that are of more concern as you age, and that you want to keep your defences

strong against.

Do you already do something on this list?

What is it?

Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you!


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